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Apprivo2 – Changing the way we do business through cloud banking technology

Our applications use best-of-breed components and are fully modularised for rapid and flexible implementations.

The backbone of our applications and customised solutions is the Apprivo2 architecture, entirely built in the MicroSoft Azure Cloud. Apprivo2 is one of the first of its kind in the industry and offers financial services companies of all sizes significant competitive advantage, as well as the ability to rapidly scale up transaction volumes and roll out new changes without impacting current operations. As well as offering a true SaaS based offering BEP is pioneering Configuration as a Service (CaaS), putting banks and lenders in control of its lending software applications.

BEP’s cloud-first, web and mobile-enabled solution for mortgage, lending and banking providers offers an out-of-the box configuration for comprehensive application processes – for multiple banking and lending applications.

BEP’s Apprivo2 has an out of box API for all its services – making integration with back end core banking applications easier to manage. Our full API is available on request.

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