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Savings & Deposits Account Opening

BEP’s Apprivo2 Savings origination system can be used to fully manage your customer savings account on-boarding process including;

Direct On-Line Applications or via Third Party IFAs
Complete Application Dashboards with Dynamic Forms Editors
Post Code & Bank Account look ups
Full KYC & AML Checks
Flexible Product Selection including Fixed Term, Notice Accounts, ISA’s, Bonds & Other Investments
Maturities and re-investments
Digital Self Service functions available for balance checks, transactions, payments & secure messaging
Complete Products Factory available for ease of set up
Full Document Production with editing
Complete set of regulatory reports available
e-signing for Application Forms
Completion and Account On-boarding Workflow
API for back end Core Banking Integration 

Find out more about our Savings Origination system here: BEP Systems Launches Digital Savings System

Digital Self Service


Intuitive Application Process

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