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Property Asset Tracker

Our Property Asset Tracker (PAT) system is a case management platform based on Apprivo2 designed for third-party mortgage servicers that manages the complete property asset lifecycle including; onboarding of the assets, legal processes, income management and the ultimate sales process, including any repossessions (residential property) and receiverships (commercial assets). The PAT system will also allow any third-party investors to logon through the Investor Portal to view their portfolios and performance against agreed hold/sell strategies and the waterfall of cash collected.

The PAT portal provides tailored management information to all types of third-party property loan book investors.

Each investment bank or other entity can choose the sort of information that they want to view about the part of the loan book that they have invested in. They can choose exactly what management information they want, to see how their investment is performing. Critically, the portal gives the investor a way in to self-serve their own data needs, giving them customised data extracts.

  • The portal provides the investor with KPI’s that demonstrate performance against service levels agreed between themselves and the residential or commercial lender/ third-party mortgage servicer
  • All relevant information is surfaced & accessed through the portal creating visibility of progress of property sales, on boarding of new instructions and sharing of relevant asset plans

Summary of PAT features;

  • Analyse income / exit pricing by portfolio via advance MI
  • Ensure your team meet expectations through an end-to-end workflow
  • Onboarding Stages
    • Business Plan Creation
    • Asset strategy (hold, hold and sell, sell)
  • Legal Stages
    • Assigning of receiver
    • Deeds of Postponements
  • Repossession
    • Income Management
    • Tenancy management
    • Receipt of income
    • Tracking of costs
  • Sales Process
    • Prepare property
    • On market
    • Viewing and offers
    • Sales proceeds
  • Capabilities
    • Full audit trail
    • Operational MI
    • Advanced searching
    • Document upload
    • Case tracking
    • Case ownership
    • Investor relationship (Investor / SPV / Tranche)
    • External Asset Manager (where we just manage the sale)
    • Investor Reporting
    • Third-party log on

In summary, the PAT portal is the link to the outside world for value added processes to help win investment business and improve delivery against the business plan.

Internal Case Management View

Investor Access View

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