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Mortgages and Lending

BEP’s market leading cloud first secured & unsecured lending system is re-inventing the way lenders and, in addition, brokers manage mortgage and loan processes.

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Broker & Consumer Application Pages

  • The system has a comprehensive portal for both brokers & consumers. Any form can be customised using drag and drop custom fields.
  • 5 Minute DIP to Full FMA with workflow
  • Post code look ups and bank account look ups are fully supported as well as links to CRA’s and Open Banking

 Product Selection

  • The system has a comprehensive products engine supporting any loan type – secured/unsecured, interest type and any repayment plan
  • First Charge, Second Charge, BTL, Commercial, Bridging, Lending into Retirement & full risk based pricing module including multiple currency support
  • Or Full deposit Account

Docs & e- signing

  • The system is completely no paper capable including capability such as e-signing of all documents. Any document can be configured to require e-signing
  • Additionally – there is a comprehensive document production engine supporting field merging and embedded financial calculations.
  • Notifications are provided to both the broker and the underwriter – about applications being received/reviewed including e-signing of documents. Documents can be uploaded to the system electronically and via mobile devices.

Case Management

  • Complete case management for Underwriters and Operations to manage complete workload through;
  • Agile Kanban Technology, 
  • Task Management
  • Operational Hubs
  • Visually manage work

 Rationale for Lending & Dialogue

  • As the case progresses through the underwriting process- lending rationale is built up in 6 main areas
  • Any review item can be added to areas of concern as well as any positive indicators. By the end of the process, the system will have collated all the information required ready for lending approval with full audit trails.
  • The dialogue box enables the underwriter to capture information as the case progresses including;

 1) Property Panel Requirements

  • A Photo can be taken as part of the loan evaluation. The user can cycle through all photos
  • Short cut links are available to both rightmove & street view for the property
  • Overall Condition of property from the valuation
  • Details provided of any outstanding charges & the actual valuation via the Quest interface

 2) Credit Conduct Panel

  • The platform Integrates with all the major credit reference agencies including Experian & Equifax & Open Banking API’s
  • A visual summary of any impaired credit performance and Public. Record information is surfaced about CCJ’s/bankruptcies/IVA’s.

3) Applicants Panel

  • The applicants panel interfaces to both Lexis Nexis, Tru Narrative (PEP’s & Sanctions) as well as Jumio for ID Verification. Click the link to see the captured ID documents.
  • Conformation of residency/nationality & prior address records – all integrated into one ID module

4) Affordability

  • The system will support multiple income types including what is guaranteed vs discretionary income. Different calculations & rules can be applied depending on income type. The platform will show all the key ratios for income and expenditure for the applicant

5) Loan Purpose

  • Does the loan fit the applicant and application

6) Source of Income & Policy Shields

  • The system will highlight any sustainability issues around affordability – especially useful for scenarios for lending into retirement for one or more applicants
  • The Policy shields appear throughout the system – they are here to highlight (via an internal rules library) and warn the underwriter of potential issues with the case. These items will need to be acknowledged and overridden or in some cases will prevent the case from progressing further. This promotes consistency of best practice across the lending unit.

 Mobile Views

  • The platform is completely mobile enabled. Every single screen within the system automatically scales for the device which it is being rendered to including iOS & Android Devices


  • Supporting complete integration to back end servicing platforms for loan completion as well as products interface for further advances and mortgage Porting

 Multiple Currencies

  • UK Lending to ex-pats or full international lending available

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