Broker Portal

Designed with the intermediaries in mind the broker portal sits on top of the lenders platforms and allows the broker to process applications, including the following functionality;

  • Data Capture
  • Product Search
  • DIP
  • Case Tracking
  • Document Upload
  • Produce ESIS Illustration
  • Carry out affordability calculations
  • Secure messaging
  • Dashboard of the position on every case
  • Pipeline management
  • Notifications and Commissions due

The platform is fully MCOB compliant and supports multiple third party interfaces including

  • CRAs
  • Valuations
  • Address Look Up
  • Bank Wizard

The portal, leveraging capability within the Apprivo2 framework can call upon various modules including;

  • Forms (data capture)
  • Document Storage
  • Doc Production
  • Products Engine
  • Rules Engine

Find out about how we have implemented this for ParagonLandbay, Lendco and Gatehouse, amongst others.



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