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Mortgage origination software house, BEP Systems, has partnered with three data partners to enhance its Apprivo2 system capability for mortgage and loan origination.

The three companies work across the fraud, open banking and conveyancing sectors and the new interfaces will allow specialist lenders to make faster and more accurate decisions from a single application input via the Apprivo2 platform.

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Systems, said: “I’m delighted to be working with such talented technology partners, all of whom are key players in their areas of expertise.

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In an ever more competitive lending environment, these exciting new partnerships will give lenders further advantages when looking to improve their brand position backed by fully integrated mortgage and loan origination.

“Apprivo2 continues to have high appeal with lenders and these further inputs will provide more options in a fully customisable API.”

The new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can provide fully integrated solutions for lenders in key areas of their business.

Tru Narrative will provide access to their financial crime platform to allow fraud detection, identity verification, online Know Your Customer (eKYC) solutions and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance into a single easy-to-configure environment.

With the addition of these innovative interfaces the checking and monitoring of customers is said to become simple, frictionless and transparent in Apprivo2.

Openwrks technology allows customers to securely connect bank account information directly to the Apprivo2 platform, reducing the need for paper statements and self-certification.

BEP will leverage this tool along with Openwrks’s experienced data science team to build up various models to assist the underwriting of secured mortgage deals.

ULS Technology will link its advanced conveyancing system, ULS Connect, with Apprivo2 to allow several benefits to be realised through Apprivo2 for managing conveyancing.

These include the ongoing oversight and due diligence of the panel firms, electronic offer delivery, e-Certificates of Title and a unique solution for volume fee assisted remortgages.

Apprivo2 already gives a number of lenders a competitive edge in a number of dynamic specialist lending markets and these strategic enhancements will add further value to a lending business looking for system efficiencies and slicker customer service.

The systems are still customisable at each stage to integrate seamlessly with existing technology platforms and processes.

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