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BEP Systems provides MyPepper portal for Pepper Ireland borrowers - BEP Systems Limited BEP Systems Limited

BEP Systems has developed a self-service customer portal for Pepper Ireland borrowers based on its Apprivo2 web application platform.

This follows on from the asset management portal that BEP launched for Pepper Ireland in January.

The MyPepper customer portal is cloud-based and makes it much easier for borrowers to manage their accounts.  It was developed by BEP in partnership with Pepper, which provides third-party loan and advisory services.

Available via both web-based browsers and tablet devices, it allows borrowers to:

  • See current balance and account status
  • Make a mortgage payment by debit card
  • Scan and upload documents
  • Make a customer service enquiry

MyPepper is integrated with Pepper’s banking platforms. BEP has also digitised Pepper Ireland’s Standard Financial Statement (SFS) form – meaning it can be completed remotely by Pepper borrowers.

It was previously necessary for agents to visit borrowers to help them complete the SFS form and establish affordability and potential arrears payment plans. Borrowers can now update information online.

A 100% compliant PDF is generated for submission, improving both operational efficiency and data accuracy for Pepper Ireland.

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Systems, said: “The MyPepper customer portal offers state-of-the-art functionality and will empower borrowers to take charge of both their arrears and their payments.

“It provides an easy to use, borrower-friendly front end, but the back end and the way the information is presented and stored is completely compliant to Central Bank standards.”

Chris Helme, CFO of Pepper Ireland,  said: “The BEP system will revolutionise the way that we interact with many borrowers, both those who are up to date and also those in financial difficulties.

“It makes it very easy for borrowers to keep up to date with their account as well as establish a payment plan, and stick to it. It is rapidly becoming the preferred way for customers to make mortgage payments.”

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