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BEP Systems develops property asset management portal for Pepper Ireland

BEP Systems has delivered its Apprivo2 portal for Pepper Ireland. Pepper Ireland is the leading asset manager and provider of third-party loan and advisory services in Ireland.

The portal provides Pepper’s investor clients with unprecedented transparency about the performance of their property portfolio assets. Pepper’s investment clients are people who have acquired loan portfolios and appointed Pepper to provide loan servicing and asset management activity for them.

With offices in Manchester, BEP Systems works with a range of innovative Fin Tech companies to provide back office and customer-facing financial software system solutions that lead to efficiency savings and support revenue growth.

The system bought by Pepper Ireland is powered by BEP Systems’ Apprivo2 Investor Portal. Apprivo2 is a modular, cloud-based software platform that can be fully branded and customised so it looks like part of the lender’s existing system.

The asset management portal provides Pepper Ireland with tailored management information to a wide range of institutional investors.

Key features for Pepper Ireland’s investment clients include:

  • An internal case management tool for the disposal of property assets
  • Tailored KPI’s and operational data demonstrating performance against agreed service levels
  • Visibility of sales progress, on boarding of new instructions and sharing of relevant asset plans.

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Systems, said: “BEP’s investor portal provides Pepper with a link to the outside world for value added processes that can help Pepper win investment business and improve delivery against a business plan.

“With the investor portal, BEP Systems has been able to provide Pepper Ireland with a competitive edge by giving their customers unprecedented transparency about their portfolios.”

Chris Helme, CFO of Pepper Ireland says, “The portal we have designed with BEP enables us to offer our investors complete transparency on how their investment is performing. Each investor will be able to choose exactly the management information they need in order to clearly see the return they are receiving on their investment. This is about providing investors with all the information they need and ensuring that every investor into a Pepper Ireland loan book, really is receiving the returns they were looking for.”

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