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Apprivo2 – Modular by design – intuitive in its approach

  • Apprivo2 reinvents the process of initiating, progressing and managing applications from customers.
  • Apprivowill support any financial product be it secured loan, unsecured loan or deposit.
  • Apprivo2 is a SaaS based platform that sits on top of your existing systems and needs minimal IT investment.
  • Apprivo2 is modular which allows you to bolt on different modules to enable you to transact and communicate more efficiently with both clients and brokers.
  • Apprivo2 has a comprehensive API that can act as a cross-platform ‘glue’, melding together your customers, broker network, core banking platform, call-centres, branches and web with seamless, synchronised access via smartphone, tablet or any internet connected device.

Dynamic Forms
Filled in faster, filled in only once

  • Customisable layout and fields (including drag & drop).
  • Use of standard web technology stacks (Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, etc.)
  • Fully brandable to match lender’s visual identity.
  • Create any field of any data type with full validation:
    – add custom labels and help texts
    – create custom entities
    – define drop down list values
    – integrate web services into forms (e.g. postcode lookup, calculators, custom validators).
  • Form data retrievable as XML or JSON for integration with other systems.
  • Integrated with documents engine to produce printed material from custom forms.

Paperwork without the paper

  • Custom forms and letters (barcodes, merge-fields, tables, images and logos).
  • eSigning:
    – one or more signees
    – support for tablet, mobile and touchscreen signing
    – signing stage tracking: sent, delivered, reviewed and signed by each signee.
  • Certificate of authenticity: geotagging, timestamping and device-tagging.
  • Document “store and retrieve”: upload and download documents via the web or mobile (“download documents” uses document production engine for producing all standard or regulated documents).

Financial Products
All the building blocks for great products

  • Suitable for loans, savings and credit (both revolving and fixed term agreements).
  • Supports multiple repayment methods: capital interest, interest only, part and part and bridge.
  • Supports multiple interest types: fixed, SVR, discounted, margin and reversionary
  • Supports multiple phases, e.g. 2 year fixed, then variable
  • Supports multiple fee types:
    – based on loan amount or product valuation, fixed amount and tiered
    – added to loan or paid upfront
    – recurring fees (i.e. monthly)
    – redemption fees
  • Fully configurable to create new products, amend or retire existing products
  • Maintain a searchable product catalogue:
    – can be searched, i.e. find the best fit
    – produce illustrations and quotes
    – integrated with document engine to produce offers and illustrations
    – full cashflow forecast

Check Flow
Smart workflows, diligently checked

  • Fully integrated and visible via dashboards and hubs:
    – workflows
    – checklists
    – policy sheilds and warnings
  • User configurable and maintainable

Rules Engine

  • Define complex decision rules
  • Map third party data sets into Apprivofrom CRAs, open banking APIs etc 

Complete Feature Rich API available out of the box

  • Every Data Set & Transaction
  • JSON
  • XML

Secure user management

  • Manage and set users
  • Set roles and permissions
  • Lending mandates
  • Password manager for handling password resets
The concept of KYC
Works across all our Modules
Customer due diligence built in
  • PEPs and sanctions: automatic lookup against international sanctions lists, PEPs check and adverse media reports
  • EID: integration with CRA for EID score, integration with Jumio NetVerify for ID scan and capture, custom EID (video capture and ID scan)
  • CRA: credit scoring, manual review of data, capturing of secured/unsecured lending, indebtedness score
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