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Gatehouse Bank has adopted BEP Systems' Apprivo2 banking platform - BEP Systems Limited BEP Systems Limited

Shariah-compliant Gatehouse Bank has adopted BEP Systems’ Apprivo2 banking platform solution

For Gatehouse Bank, BEP have re-configured their systems to comply with Shariah requirements when dealing with home purchase plans to help customers purchase homes and for landlords to acquire buy-to-let property.

Chris Little, managing director of BEP Systems, added: “I’m delighted to be working with the new specialist clients who will be using Apprivo2 to give them a competitive edge in the dynamic market they operate in. Gatehouse Bank have seen the advantages of using Apprivo2 and strategic advantages will be delivered to fit their business model.

“The Apprivo2 system also provides them with the ability to configure certain parts of the process themselves, for example when new application forms are needed and to handle new product launches which require a different set of data to be captured.

”It’s a very exciting time in financial software and we believe Apprivo2 is the fastest growing system in the UK serving specialist finance providers.”

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