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Broker Portal

Designed with the intermediaries in mind the broker portal sits on top of the lenders platforms and allows the broker to process applications, including the following functionality;

  • Data Capture
  • Product Search
  • DIP
  • Case Tracking
  • Document Upload
  • Produce ESIS Illustration
  • Carry out affordability calculations
  • Secure messaging
  • Dashboard of the position on every case
  • Pipleline management
  • Notificaitons and Commisions due

The platform is fully MCOB compliant and supports multiple third party interfaces including

  • CRAs
  • Valuations
  • Address Look Up
  • Bank Wizard

The portal, leveraging capability within the Apprivo2 framework can call upon various modules including;

  • Forms (data capture)
  • Document Storage
  • Doc Production
  • Products Engine
  • Rules Engine

broker portal

Find out about how we have implemented this for Paragon here.


The iLending app

Enables lenders and brokers to increase efficiency and reduce the time it takes to provide a loan or mortgage by making it easier for the borrower to see what information they need to provide and to submit it – all via their mobile phone. BEP’s Apprivo2 enables you to give the borrower more control and to engage them throughout the mortgage process by using mobile phone banking.

BEP’s iLending app enables a borrower to use their smartphone, tablet or any internet connected device to:

  • track the progress of their mortgage
  • upload and send documents such as P60s
  • view all documents and document history
  • view the full details of the property they are purchasing
  • receive secure notifications regarding outstanding information they need to supply
  • to complete the next steps in the mortgage process by submitting or approving information
  • request a call back.



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