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Banking Platform

The Apprivo2 banking lite module is a new platform that sits on allows the customer to completely manage all of their banking needs via a website, smartphone, tablet or any internet connected device.

The Apprivo2 platform provides a complete end to end Banking Platform running on Mastercard Pre-Pay Card Networks. The platform caters for UK faster payments and DDs as well as European Based SEPA payments.

Apprivo2 enables customers to access up-to-date accounts and product information; it allows them to send outstanding information and documents to enable a transaction to take place, or transfer money from one account to another – all from the web or their phone.

The platform has a core concept around wallets allowing the end user customer to manage their money more effectively – allocating funds to different wallets for various items – be it mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, recreational activities etc. Goal setting and rewards are also included with various providers on request.

The platform also increases efficiencies for the lender/bank while providing a fully flexible and finely targeted cross-marketing engine, enabling you to place the opportunity to apply for further relevant products with just one click.

Banking Platform

What Apprivo2 provides for the customer and the Bank:

  • Guaranteed Debit Card
  • Personal Bank Sort Code, IBAN & Account Number
  • UK Direct Debits & SEPA Mandates
  • UK Faster Payments & SEPA Credits In & Out
  • Real Time FX
  • Bill Payment facilities
  • Retail Loyalty Club
  • BACs Clearing
  • Statements
  • Online, e-mail, SMS Alerts
  • Online, Mobile & Branch Banking
  • Billing Engine & Profiles

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