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Arrears and Collections Module

The Debt Management and Collections System within the Apprivo2 Arrears and Collections Module enables people and organisations involved in collections to interact with the borrower via their smartphone, tablet or any internet connected device.

Take control and gain insight

Apprivo2 Arrears and Collections Module will give borrowers more control over the collections process from the early stages. This very transparent system will:

  • flag up any arrears to the client early on
  • let them know they have missed a payment
  • let them know when they need to make the next payment and what the implications are of not doing so.
  • Take them through regulated affordability assessments

It also enables the lender or collections agency to send reminders in a way that is less personal but also more approachable than a letter.

Automatic notification of payments outstanding

Where there is a set deadline to pay back the amount owing, this will be flagged up to the client on their mobile phone and Apprivo2 will also enable them to complete the payment of the balance outstanding. Alerts and notifications will be generated to alert the customer to a change in account status or of actions required of them.

Reduces administration burden

The borrower can send through information and documentation purely by taking a photo of the document on their mobile phone and submitting it. The document then goes directly into the lender’s system or that of the collection agency – no post opening or scanning required.

A more streamlined approach to managing client accounts

The Apprivo2 system is designed to make the collections process more interactive, to involve the borrower more, make it easier for them to pay the amounts owed and therefore recover a higher proportion of the money owed.

Learn How Pepper Ireland have implemented the Arrears Module to streamline their process

“Pepper Ireland have engaged BEP to implement a mobile digitized solution to assist with the affordability assessments with its tenants. The previous solution involved case worker agents making home visits and taking tenants through a very long winded paper based regulated affordability assessment form. Working with BEP Pepper have now successfully digitized this complex form via both web and mobile channels. This allows the agents to instantly upload a system generated regulated PDF via a mobile channel to the back end system negating the need for expensive manual processing. The web channel also allows self service by the tenant which in some instances negates the need for an agent visit.”

“Following the successful roll out of this project the system has now been enhanced allowing tenants to make payments on-line and showing account summary information, prompting reminders and payments interfacing with the call centre operations”

“BEP brought real analysis skills to this project in order to digitize what is essentially a very complex regulated form. Apprivo2 provides a great platform from which to process the application securely supporting our mobile and web channels.”

Chris Helme – FCO Pepper Ireland

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