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About BEP

BEP is a niche software house specialising in web based & mobile application development and integration for financial service Companies – everything being based around our core Apprivo2 framework

Launched in April 2010, we work directly with banks, building societies, lenders and payment companies as well as other financial services providers. BEP is already supplying solutions to key financial institutions throughout the UK, including Paragon, Pepper, Investec, Landbay & The Change Account.


Chris Little, managing director
Chris is an all round IT professional with over 15 years of experience within the financial services industry. Formerly at BancTec Ltd , Chris was responsible for delivering over £30M revenue into the organisation and successfully ran the Mortgage  Software Division of the business following BancTec’s acquisition of SDS Applications. Chris holds an MSC in Mathematics and Statistics from Newcastle University.

Barry Yager, director
Barry has worked in financial services for over 30 years. He has spent his career developing game changing technological solutions for financial institutions.

Barry had already successfully grown and sold two IT solutions focused companies before setting up BEP, the most recent of which was SDS Applications, one of the first suppliers to introduce the use of the Internet into mortgage and lending systems. These ideas are now commonplace but SDS was among the pioneers in this area. The growth and innovation of the company led to its sale to BancTec in 2005, where Barry still works as a consultant

Prior to SDS, Barry grew and sold Chess Valley Computers Ltd (CVC). Barry developed CVC from a small software house into a position of market strength, resulting in the successful sale to Lynx Financial Systems in 1994. CVC was one of the early adopters and developers of workflow tools and pioneered its practical use in mortgage processing. After the sale Barry continued to work at Lynx and was instrumental in the rapid growth of Lynx’s customer base, winning new, multi-million pound orders and helping the business expand into new areas.

Stuart Bean, CTO
Stuart is the former CTO of Blemain Group (largest second charge lender in the UK). Stuart is a highly regarded financial services technologist. Whilst at Blemain, Stuart built a loan management system from the ground up. Previously Stuart has worked at Kensington Mortgages, Lloyds TSB and Egg. Stuart has developed several concepts within Apprivo2 making it unique and which will radically transform the product and make it the market leader going forward.

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